A gadget is not just a device, it’s a solution for a problem.

The same way we are not just a company, we are a bunch of passionate people and innovators aspiring to change the way people think about and use technology. We believe technology can help you find lasting solutions and make your life easy.

If you are any one of the above and would like to channel all that passion into a job and learn and watch yourself grow, Swaaadle Tech is the place for you!

We hire enthusiastic people, who are not just gadget freaks but also creative and hardworking. Swaaadle Tech is a place where you have the freedom to focus all your innovative energy in the right direction.

While we don’t emphasize that you have a professional degree, it’s strongly recommended you have considerable expertise in Business Management, Sales and Marketing.


Maintaining an E-Commerce business includes a variety of responsibilities, yet fast decision making with minimum supervision, carefully conceived systems and thoughts, and a state of mind to ‘get things done’ are significant.

Our E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Teams are expanding. We are looking to hire people who are passionate and driven by technology to join Swaaadle Tech in Chennai. Swaaadle Tech is a forerunner in our field. It’s important that people who work with us are extremely motivated to learn every aspect of running a successful business so that they can contribute their best through the roles assigned to them.

And needless to say, we are strongly involved in the B-B sector, Retail Industry and Technology space.


You will have loads of fun and first-hand experience on our latest product collections. Be updated with emerging trends in almost everything that deals with technology.Work among the most passionate and chaotic lot. Get abundant knowledge from the best in each field to guide you through your work.
If you think you can be a part of this team, drop your application below. We are looking for

  • Digital Marketers
  • Growth Hackers
  • Business Development Executives
  • SEO Specialist


Position applying for?

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