ThinkGizmo, a brand of Swaaadle Tech Private Limited was launched on…..
ThinkGizmo is an e-commerce platform specialized for technology gadgets to enable smart living. TG’s products are mostly based on the concept of Internet of Things, to make our everyday life convenient and better than the present. TG’s e-commerce service is only available in India.
TG brings a wide variety of smart Technology gadgets from all over the world to give you an unmatched lifetime experience in this digital world.
TG has been set up in Chennai and it aims to meet the people’s demand for technology and gadgets.

TG has four categories of Gadgets. They are
1. Office Gadgets
2. Light and Glow
3. Home Accessories
4. Smart Tech Gadgets
It is also aimed to provide quality content in the field of Technology, Gadgets, Internet of Things, Smart Home and Smart Living through its blog and social networking sites.

Welcome to Smart Living!

Visit ThinkGizmo website here